Contacting Me

I enjoy meeting people who are doing interesting and innovative things, regardless of their industry or background. I am willing to meet or talk with just about anyone who is interested in more than just selling me something. My schedule stays pretty busy, but you are welcome to 15-30 minutes of it if you can give me enough notice to work it onto my calendar.

Here are a few ways to get in touch with me:

**Please note: I do not accept random, generic LinkedIn invitations.  Since I use LinkedIn to manage my professional network, all of my LinkedIn connections are people I have actually met or spoken to.  If you are interested to meet me, LinkedIn is a good medium for that, but I request that you include some information as to why you would like to connect and what your interest is.

My primary office address:
Healthcare Blocks
51 Century Blvd, Suite 130
Nashville, TN 37214