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Three Types of Change Management

“Change management” is a common phrase in business and consulting circles, but it sometimes creates confusion. There are multiple types of change management, and the processes and purposes are distinctly different. Here are three common types:

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Setting Boundaries on Your Business

I have recently had conversations with two different business leaders, in two different circumstances, who made very similar statements about the direction of their business for the year 2012.

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Learning How to Juggle

If you ever talk to a juggler, ask them how they learned to do it.

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Putting People First

One of the traps many businesses fall into is relying too much on technology to solve their complex problems. Others rely on detailed processes to “control” their problems. But both of these are tools, which are only as good as

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Dealing with Technical Perfectionists

Certain people, particularly highly technical people, are driven toward precision and perfection. They want to see things as black or white, on or off, yes or no, all or nothing. But business is not about perfection; it’s about risks and

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Know Who You Can(‘t) Trust

I recently worked with a staff member at one of my clients who described how he used a certain phrase to essentially manipulate his boss. Later in that week, I caught him using that same phrase with me. I was

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Top Three ‘Agile’ Mistakes

There is a lot of talk these days about companies and teams being more “agile.” While it’s a great concept, it’s one that is often misunderstood and misapplied. Here are three things that “agile” is NOT:

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Consider Alternate Budget Cycles

Have you ever considered how many processes in our lives are built on and tied to standards that are completely unrelated to the process? Consider this question: What does a budget cycle have to do with the length of time

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The Real Purpose of Management

Management is a necessary role in any business. But it’s important to remember management is not the revenue-generating function of your business. The people doing the work are creating the product or service your business delivers.

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Job Descriptions Should Focus on the Future

Most job descriptions I have seen focus on two areas: the responsibilities of the position (the present) and the experience or credentials required (the past). But the best candidates are not looking to repeat past accomplishments. They are looking for

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