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Lead with Confidence.

Every entrepreneur’s journey is unique. Let’s chart yours together.

Overcoming The Impostor Book

Overcoming The Impostor should be required reading for every entrepreneur who wants to buck the odds and achieve success. It can be done, and Kris explains how to do it.”

—David F. Jones, president and CEO, EnableComp & Complete Holdings Group

“Kris has helped us create a clear, actionable strategic plan and establish the foundations of a healthy culture in our business. We’re a better organization after working with Kris and the changes we’ve made are paying off.”

 -William Horton, President of Utility Equipment Service, Inc.

Are you struggling with:

  • Lacking a clear vision for your business.

  • Hitting the same ceiling over and over.

  • Understanding how to communicate effectively with your team.

  • Insecurity holding you back as a leader.

  • Poor communication between departments.

  • The feeling of loneliness at the top.

  • Creating a healthy culture in your organization.

  • Getting sucked into the whirlwind (putting out fires).

“In less than 6 months, Kris has helped me make significant improvements in my skills to lead in my organization.”

– Jessica Harthcock, CEO of Utilize Health

Gain Clarity
A coach will ask the right questions, so you can move from “something is not right” to “I understand the problem, and I can see the solution.”
Get Action Steps
Developing a game plan doesn’t have to be daunting.  A coach will help you identify the right step and put your best foot forward.
Lead With Confidence
You’ll become a better decision maker, communicator, and will have the confidence to take your team to new levels.


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Become the Leader that Others Want to Follow

“Since working with Kris as my Executive Coach, I have made more progress in my professional goals than at any other time in my career.”

– Craig Cooper, CEO of Conduit Services Group

Leadership Coaching is especially beneficial for the owners and leaders of professional services firms.

  • Consulting

  • Healthcare

  • IT Services

  • Recruiting

  • Accounting

  • Construction

  • Financial Services

  • Education & Training

  • Software Development

  • Marketing

  • Design

  • Architecture

  • Engineering

  • And many more…

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