Get Clarity.  Take Action.
Lead with Confidence.

Every entrepreneur’s journey is unique. Let’s chart yours together.

“Kris has helped us create a clear, actionable strategic plan and establish the foundations of a healthy culture in our business. We’re a better organization after working with Kris and the changes we’ve made are paying off.”

 -William Horton, President of Utility Equipment Service, Inc.

Are you struggling with:

  • Lacking a clear vision for your business.

  • Hitting the same ceiling over and over.

  • Understanding how to communicate effectively with your team.

  • Insecurity holding you back as a leader.

  • Poor communication between departments.

  • The feeling of loneliness at the top.

  • Creating a healthy culture in your organization.

  • Getting sucked into the whirlwind (putting out fires).

“In less than 6 months, Kris has helped me make significant improvements in my skills to lead in my organization.”

– Jessica Harthcock, CEO of Utilize Health

Gain Clarity
A coach will ask the right questions, so you can move from “something is not right” to “I understand the problem, and I can see the solution.”
Get Action Steps
Developing a game plan doesn’t have to be daunting.  A coach will help you identify the right step and put your best foot forward.
Lead With Confidence
You’ll become a better decision maker, communicator, and will have the confidence to take your team to new levels.


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Establish a Coaching Regimen

Eliminate Blind Spots

Tackle Obstacles Together

Become the Leader that Others Want to Follow

“Since working with Kris as my Executive Coach, I have made more progress in my professional goals than at any other time in my career.”

– Craig Cooper, CEO of Conduit Services Groupp
Co-Author of “Glad You’re Here”

Leadership Coaching is especially beneficial for the owners and leaders of professional services firms.

  • Consulting

  • Healthcare

  • IT Services

  • Recruiting

  • Accounting

  • Construction

  • Financial Services

  • Education & Training

  • Software Development

  • Marketing

  • Design

  • Architecture

  • Engineering

  • And many more…

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