About Me

I am an executive coach and leadership development consultant with a background in information technology. I have founded or co-founded multiple companies, and worked with hundreds of other organizations and leaders, ranging from startups to Fortune 100 enterprises.

Advising investors, I help to strengthen their portfolios and evaluate new investment opportunities. Through interim leadership roles – including leading turnaround efforts – I collaborate directly with the owners and/or board of directors to drive change in culture and strategy, and to oversee the selection and on-boarding of new leaders to fill these positions on a long-term basis. As an executive coach, I guide the personal and professional development of leaders in order to maximize the impact on the people and organizations they serve.

As a mentor/advisor at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and through business accelerator programs such as Jumpstart Foundry and Healthbox, I have worked with dozens of startups in coaching and advisory roles. In addition to bringing technology expertise, I often help guide the business model and strategy, financial model, and product-market-fit for these companies. I have also served on the board of directors for several non-profit organizations, and am actively involved in my church, Cornerstone Nashville, where I serve as an elder, teach classes, and coach other leaders.

I have been a speaker at technology and leadership conferences, universities, corporate events, and on television and radio programs. I have led educational webinars and written articles for The Nashville Business Journal and other publications. A natural teacher and a continual learner, having read hundreds of books and listened to thousands of podcasts, talks, and interviews with leading thinkers, I enjoy collecting and then disseminating wisdom to help individuals and organizations succeed.