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Introducing Atlas Health

2015 is going to be a fantastic year, and it starts with a big change:  As of this month, I have accepted the role of President and Chief Executive Officer of a young healthcare technology company called Atlas Health.  You

Three Types of Change Management

“Change management” is a common phrase in business and consulting circles, but it sometimes creates confusion. There are multiple types of change management, and the processes and purposes are distinctly different. Here are three common types:

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Relationships Matter

What is the value of a single piece of information without any context? Knowing that the answer is “three”, without any other relevant information is useless. Even with a label, such as miles, dollars, or customers, you still don’t have

Putting People First

One of the traps many businesses fall into is relying too much on technology to solve their complex problems. Others rely on detailed processes to “control” their problems. But both of these are tools, which are only as good as

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Dealing with Technical Perfectionists

Certain people, particularly highly technical people, are driven toward precision and perfection. They want to see things as black or white, on or off, yes or no, all or nothing. But business is not about perfection; it’s about risks and

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Invest in People, Process, and Technology

Most investments made to improve a business fall into one of three categories: people, process or technology improvements. But alone, each of these categories of investments can provide disappointing returns.

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Top 5 E-mail Mistakes

E-mail has become an integral part of doing business, but many people still get it wrong. Here are five common mistakes that limit the effectiveness of e-mail communications:

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Calculating Returns Must Include Risk Assessment

When evaluating the return on investment in any technology implementation or other business initiative, you must look beyond the pure financial figures (expenses and revenue), and include an assessment of the risks involved.

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