Overcoming The Impostor: The Keynote

A powerful live experience that will engage your audience and challenge them to think differently.

About the Keynote

In Overcoming The Impostor, Kris Kelso breaks down the mental battle of Impostor Syndrome. He gives entrepreneurs and business leaders the tools they need to silence their own worst enemy – the inner critic that wants to limit their potential and sabotage their career.

Using engaging stories and powerful metaphors, Kris helps audiences to see the world differently – embracing failure as part of success, recognizing fear as a positive sign, and leading with vulnerability when the stakes are high.

Overcoming The Impostor is a valuable experience for entrepreneurs, business leaders, independent creatives, self-employed individuals, and any other group of people who are taking risks and making bold choices.

Delivered live, in-person or virtually. Length: 45 Minutes

Actual Comment Stream from a Recent Live Event:
Linda H: wow, you are incredible! what a gift!
Darrell W: He is in my head.
Lisa D: dude! so real lol
Paul N: Oh dear this is me!
Vib S: OMG wow wake up call!!!
Megan A: I relate to this
Melissa S: Wow! You’ve got my number
Carole C: Been There!!
Brit W: You are making me laugh… but it is true.
Heidi C: I know the feeling!
Linda H: you’re funny Kris
Jasmin S: I relate to this so much
Darrell W: Ok, everyone, this is specifically for me. At least it seems that way.
Kathi: I think we have all been there!
Michele R: Wow! I have heard that voice so loudly for so long!!
Sylvia: Feels like I am not the only one feeling like this.
Amy S: reading my mail!
Audrey B: Thanks Kris for being REAL! I can relate to much of this!
Kirsten S: He is nailing it.
Victoria: wow! very interesting!
Valerie: Ugh! It’s like he can read my mind.
Amy: So good!
Rachelle P: great stuff!
Kat Z: Yes yes yes
Phillip O: so true!!! and hilarious
Kirsten S: so good
Michele R: Wow! All about perspective!!
Carmella: This is very timely
Kirsten S: Wow, Wow, Wow
Julianna: Excellent!
Sylvia: This really makes me cry. So good!
Lisa L: Great illustration
Phillip O: wisdom speaking
Jean: Good message!!!
Carole C: brilliant
Jean: So good…
Tina B: Thank you for sharing this today, it is very helpful.
Matt T: That’s good!
Theresa W: Truth!
Megan A: Wow. This is really speaking to me
Kirsten S: Loving this
Terry T: This is pure gold.
Victoria: This is sooooo encouraging.
Phillip O: love this wisdom so much
Megan A: This is so good
Vib S: Wow so profound this morning !!!! such a God send thank you so much!!!!!!
Vib S: Yes yes yes!!!
Vicki Z: Here come the tissues and tears …
Linda F: this is incredible….truth!!
Alicia V: Kris, this is so so good!
Paul N: I’m loving this
Beth: Those are powerful “ME TOO” moments
Shane T: Truth bombs everywhere. Hits home…
Phillip O: yessss!!!!
Nikola S: Wow! Great lesson!
Shannon S: you are so genuine Kris! thank you
Jim C: This is great!!
Michele R: Wow, I needed this sooo much!
Julianna: So good!
Nancy L: GOLD!
Shirley: So GOOD!
Hoda N: this is so good. thank you Kris
Carole C: Do YOU KNOW ME????
Nancy R: this is spot on
Inna J: thank you kris
Betsy: TRUTH!
Alicia R: Makes me cry!
Phillip O: so much gold here.
Kathi: This is very, very good and helpful!
Simon M: some amazing insights here, thank you so much Kris!!
Megan A: This whole talk is an Aha moment for me
Carol C: You are speaking to my heart!
Peggy H: Kris thank you this is awesome and so helpful for me
Lori T: Are you kidding? This whole thing is emotional. lol
Deborah G: so very insightful and helpful! Thank you Kris!!
Darrell W: Struggling to keep it together right now.
Claudia M: SOOOOO helpful and such TRUTH!
Linda H: I thank God for this speaker, I needed to hear this!
Linda B: Thank you, Kris… I needed to hear this! It hits a real nerve!
Sheree: So good!
Lynda P: wow, Kris, I want to hug you!
Rachelle P: yeeeesssssss
Vib S: oh so good!!!!
Jayne B: Awesome Kris!! Thank you!!!
Jane H: Wow!! So good…thank you!
Laurie O: Fabulous!
Kathy B: thank you Kris! so good, just what my heart needed.
Julia O: Love it!
Audrey B: That was spot on!!! Kudos!! Thanks for sharing!
Lisa L: so so true!!
Lori T: My hand is worn out from writing so much! This was so eye opening!
Nancy: Thank you Kris. Great encouragement.
Dahlia K: WOW – exactly what I needed to hear – great explanation that you!!
Lori T: Oh wow, I really needed to hear this right now! Thank you, Kris!
Maggie: So inspiring!
Clare F: very powerful message
Carol C: Kris, you have shined a light on my Imposter! Powerful
Nancy R: Really hit home with me. What I thought was humility was really the imposter.
Cheryl D: So encouraging! The analogies are wonderful and inspiring!
Lizette: I wish my hubby could’ve heard this….
Christina B: Thank you for your intentional rests between those key points!
Graeme S: Excellent. What an encouragement. Thank you so much. God bless you.
Pamela B: Well that got to the heart of my thoughts and perceptions.
Susan R: Kris you spoke to ME!! WOW!! Love your insight!
Beverley: I need to hear this again to take it all in. was too busy taking notes.
Milly G: I can’t stop crying, so much growth ahead of me thank you!!!
Tania B: Such a meaningful topic. I’m glad it’s touching people’s hearts with hope for healing. 🙂
Tammy O: Kris, I’m so encouraged. Thank you.
Karen S: great wisdom!
Joy G: This is so, so, so very helpful!!! Thank you so much Kris Kelso for explaining this so well and speaking truth into this topic.
Donna K: Such great observations, Kris. Thank you so much for sharing your insights and wisdom.
Vib S: Thank you for helping me understand my world!
Simon M: Thank you!! Amazing!!!
Alicia V: Thank you Kris! so Thankful for you! Really great teaching! Loved every minute of it!
Angela B: Thanks Kris, That’s so refreshing and helpful and freeing!
Laura M: Thank you so much, Kris! I have learned so much from this!

Key Takeaways

  • Identify the underlying fear behind Impostor Syndrome

  • Learn why it’s more prevalent among entrepreneurs and high-achievers

  • Recognize and avoid the biggest trap that many successful people fall into

  • See how The Impostor weaponizes our unique gifts against us

  • Determine to be an Explorer, not a Tour Guide

  • Understand the key ingredient that determines whether “community” works for you or against you

  • Turn Impostor Syndrome from a liability to an asset

  • Kill your fear of failure

  • Redefine success, on your own terms

  • Discover the keys to recognizing Impostor Syndrome in others

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“We recently had the privilege of having Kris as the keynote speaker at our Annual Sales Conference.  Kris wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable and spoke from the heart.  He was engaging, dynamic, and connected quickly with the group.

Do not miss the opportunity to hear and learn from Kris Kelso!”

– Tim Duncan, EVP of Business Development and Global Test Operations, LINK Engineering

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